Our Erasmus+  school partnership  “UNITED IN MUSIC“ involves creative and talented students from four different cultural and geographical regions of Europe.

spilla-bandiera-romania-2-x-2-cm Romania – Liceul cu Progam Sportiv Alba iulia

spilla-bandiera-francia-2-x-2-cm  France – Collège Maxence Van Der Meersch

italia-sardegna-4687b Sardinia (Italia) – Liceo “Sebastiano Satta” di Nuoro

spilla-bandiera-lituania-2-x-2-cmLithuania – Varėnos „Ąžuolo“ gimnazija


During a two-year period, 13-17-year-old students will familiarize themselves with the heritage of local and their partners’ folk music through a project website, will rehearse and perform authentic and arranged folk music  and will release a final product, a CD, with at least 12 authentic and 4 arranged pieces of music.

Over the first year, students will work in groups on the chosen 4 types of folk songs, discuss and analyse them, write articles and scores, make audio and video records, and will upload their materials on the project website. Then students will learn at least 12 authentic national and 4 partners’ folk songs. At the end of this first year, France will welcome their partners and together they will perform live concert of their authentic folk songs (4-5 songs each country).

The second year’s work will be more creative and sophisticated as the participants will have to learn to arrange the familiar folk songs. Thus, the workshop will be held in Italy. French partners will work on rewriting the lyrics of one or two songs on the theme of friendship, brotherhood and unity. During the year  students will make at least 2 arrangements  and will learn to play 1 each partner’s arranged piece of music. These arranged songs will be performed by the participants during a last mobility in Lithuania.

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